Costco raising membership price

Well, someone at Costco decide the bottom line was not good enough, so they have decided to raise the membership price.

Starting on June 1, the annual membership fees across the US and Canada for individual, business and business add-on members will go up $5, which would now make it $60 a year. Executive memberships will increase from $110 to $120. This will impact north of 40 million members.

This is such a modest increase I don’t think many folks will stop using Costco. Some people may look at BJ’s or Sams but I am sticking with Costco for a couple reasons:

  1. Location to me -it is closer than anyone else
  2. The quality of products is higher
  3. The return policy is better than anyone else
  4. The employees are just nice – this is most likely due to the high wages they pay 🙂

so, with one minor tweak Costco has cost us $5 or $10 dollars but has made them on the low end 200 million dollars 🙂

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