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This is a super cool site I found last week. While I was reading up on Autoslash, came up and I love the concept. This is an idea that I had a couple years ago but I could not figure out how to automate it. It looks like they have not either but they have a group of people that negotiate and review all of your bills.

The concept is that you give this site your name, address, email, phone number and a copy of your latest bill and they run with it. Running with it means they call the company and negotiate you a better deal. They will not change or extend your service unless you say it is ok. All they ask for in return is half of the savings for 1 year and after that the savings is all yours.

Now, this is not that great for me because I already have worked the cable and phone companies over for the best deal, but for someone who wants to spend almost no effort this is wonderful.

Go check them out and you decided –

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