Disney Movie rewards – Hercules for 1325 PTS

Ok, Disney is going point crazy with movies this month. Like I mentioned before they seem to do this once  month but this month they are offering 2. I already mentioned Tangled and now they are offering Hercules

Hercules Blu-ray, DVD + Digital Copyhercules

 1325 PTS / 1060 PTS + S&P

Have a mighty fun time with HERCULES, Disney’s animated classic. Nominated for an Academy Award(R) (Best Music, Original Song, “Go The Distance,” 1997), this legendary family favorite is packed with colossal laughs and nonstop adventure. Taken from the gods as a newborn and adopted on Earth, Hercules is just an awkward pillar of strength trying to fit in. What he wants most is to impress his father Zeus. When Hercules discovers Hades’ sinister plot to take over Mount Olympus, he goes from zero to hero and, with the help of his pals Pegasus and Phil, discovers that real strength comes from the heart! Languages: English, Spanish, French (2-discs; Blu-ray, DVD + Digital Copy)

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