Free movie tickets

I love free movie tickets!

Right now if you buy some candy you can enter for the change to win a free movie ticket. Normally your odds are low on things like this but I am winning at about a 75% rate. All you have to do is, purchase any size package of:

  • SKITTLES® (Original/Wild Berry)
  • STARBURST® (Original)
  • JUICY FRUIT® (Original/Starburst Strawberry)
  • M&M’S® (1.14-1.74 oz./30-42 oz.)

Then submit your receipt here: Link


Depending on what size of candy you buy you can get:

  • $12 e-Movie Cash Reward (6,100). ARV: $12 each.
  • $9 e-Movie Cash Reward (69,600). ARV: $9 each.


  1. Purchase each candy on a seperate receipt. It is not how many you buy but how many receipts you have. So, buying 2 M&M on 1 receipt gives you entry but on 2 receipts gives you 2
  2. You can only enter 2 receipts a day
  3. You get movie cash to spend anywhere but you do have to put a name to the ticket
  4. The ticket experires on 8/31
  5. The link say for Guardians of the Galaxy but it is good for any movie
  6. Lawyer talk – Promotion started February 15, 2017 by 11:59:59 PM (ET) 6/15/17 & upload photo of receipt at by 11:59 PM (ET) 6/22/17. $9/$12 prize based on pkg purch. To enter w/out purchase, prizing, odds & add’l terms, see Official Rules. Void where prohib. Sponsor: Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

Frugalooper thoughts:

  1. I combined this with the Regal Disney bonus!
  2. I also used my wife to submit receipt so we could do 4 a day


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