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The Amazon deals just keep on rolling in. Amazon is now giving you 2% off all purchases as long as you use a debit card (Link). For your credit card deal folks this is not big news, but  for the everyday joe and lower income people this is great.reloads_browser_Hero2._V509577128_

For me this, this is still not a deal. I use the Bank of America travel rewards card that gives me 2.6% back on all purchases. I get that high of a rate because I am a platinum member and get a .75% bonus on the regular 1.5% on all purchases. Then I use the Cash reward card to get 3.5% back at grocery/warehouse and 5.25% on all gas purchases.

Another option when this would not be a deal, is if you have the Amazon credit card that gives your 5% back on all Amazon purchases.

But, for everyone else this is a free 2% off everything you buy at Amazon!

Some of you might be saying wow a whole 2% with rolled eyes. Let me tell you though every penny saved gets you closer to finical freedom. Combine the 2% with already low prices and actually investing the money it can grow very quickly.

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