Deal of the Day: Philips Sonicare Essence $20

I have used this tooth brush for years and my teeth have never been better. This is much cheaper than any of the new ones but does not have all the bells and whistles, but do you really need them. Also, this one does have an issue with keeping the inside of the brush head clean. You need to make sure to clean that frequently or seal it with some plumber tape or a plastic glove right around the seal where the brush and base meet.

sonci-careAbout the Product

  • Removes up to 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Includes 1 e-Series brush head 9standard)
  • Patented sonic technology: Dynamic fluid action helps clean between teeth and along the gumline
  • 2 minute timer helps ensure recommended brushing time
  • Rechargeable toothbrush with 2 weeks lifetime between charges
  • Reminder bristles fade away when brush head replacement is needed


Then make sure to clip the $5 coupon.

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